Who are we? And why did we decide to RV full time?

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We are seniors. I’m 72 and she is, well, younger 🙂 We are new to the RV life but can’t wait to go full-time. In the beginning, this will have simple content as we learn and try new things. We will document the good and the bad.

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  1. Dody Raley

    Hey guys!!

    I met you last night at the GV train station! It was nice talking with you all. I look forward to watching and keeping up with your RV adventures. Most of all be safe, always have fun and God Bless you as you travel.

    Find us on FB….
    Dody N Jeff Raley

    • Roger Courtney Sr

      Sorry I just saw your post! Thanks for dropping by. We are closing on the house next Monday (we hope) and will be in the RV full-time. Can’t wait. If you have subscribed to the YouTube channel we should be uploading soon.

      Roger & Tina
      (817) 609-2594

  2. X Marx The Spot

    Roger and Tina, Congratulations on the closing (tomorrow if all goes well) I can’t wait to spend some time with you at a campfire. Breakfast was nice but not much chance to really share. I guess you will be off to Livingston in a few days to get the scoop on domicile etc. We are at the TT Bay Landing all week and next weekend too. Still have to work though. Give me a shout on 147.160 / PL110.9 I will be listening anytime I am in the RV (which is most of the time with these temps) or if I am mobile. Can’t wait to see your adventures on youtube and facebook.